Software Development Lifecycle

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) is probably the most least discussed topic in any IT organization. And, while it gets little attention, there is always an opportunity for improvement. For many organizations, the SDLC is not well-defined. Outside consultants, in an effort to improve the SDLC, will discuss this circular process with the IT leadership […]

API Modeling Framework

There’s an open source effort to create an API Modeling Framework that’s now available. This was posted by the open spec RAML. There’s also a playground site to try all this out. Check it out. There are sample API models provided and you can create your own. The playground site is currently hosted by MuleSoft […]

Relevant Books for the IT Professional

These two books are very relevant to the work I do with MuleSoft’s API and Integration Development platform. The integration pattern book is modeled very nicely using the Mule server and it’s integration component palette. The continuous delivery book also covers the gamut of CD but it’s also very unbiased towards specific technologies. I like […]

How-to create an online startup business

Everywhere you turn, someone is offering a business service online for a monthly subscription. These services are perfect for the small business owner. And, depending on the size of your company, you don’t really need a bookkeeper or general office manager to manage your affairs. For an independent consultant, contractor, or freelancer, online tools are […]

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