Welcome to CI Wise. We’re dedicated to being a company that’s focused on helping enterprises be world-class. Are you wise to Continuous Improvement practices? Every successful business should be on a quest to be better.

Our job is to help you get there using open source and agile architectural solutions with a “continuous” component of course. To add another term to our marketing arsenal, we believe in continuous design. Continuous design is a methodology for identifying, keeping, and repairing service promises. Really, it’s all about reliable IT systems. This is our specialty.

wiseOur latest project is a cloud-hosted accounting system that we plan to offer by subscription called Wise Accounting. This application provides a dead-simple, web-accessible, textbook-style, double-entry financial accounting system that can be hosted in the cloud and accessed anywhere in the world. It can be used to capture your financial transactions real-time. You can basically carry your daybook in your pocket now and use it on your data phone. The application is useable
on any internet-capable device. Once you’ve captured the data, the four basic, globally common, reports are available with the click of a menu selection.

Our ultimate goal however, is to design and build cloud hosted systems with you. It is our intent to work with you in collaboration and help you achieve system architecture goals economically and introduce you to the benefits of custom agile software development. We can show you ways to do things without the purchase of expensive third-party software. You too can run an Enterprise service bus and integrate your Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. We can teach you how to build, maintain, and provision your infrastructure using Terraform, Chef or Ansible. We can assist you with your DevOps needs. We can help your design team create best-practice Mule applications using RAML and REST APIs. It’s possible to enter the Microservice arena with minimal investment. We also develop Spring Boot and AngularJS web applications that can be accessed with a mobile phone or from your office. We can design solid solutions for you. Our experience is software architecture. Contact us today and let’s work together. Your dreams. Our design. Contact us today.



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