How-to create an online startup business

Everywhere you turn, someone is offering a business service online for a monthly subscription. These services are perfect for the small business owner. And, depending on the size of your company, you don’t really need a bookkeeper or general office manager to manage your affairs. For an independent consultant, contractor, or freelancer, online tools are the way to go. What does become an issue is finding all the right services in one application. Also, fully customizing your application suite is difficult using third-party software. I have made the decision to create my own business service software. And, I’m going to tell the public, in a series of How-To’s exactly how I pull this off.

I’ll keep these How-To postings at a high level (lacking software code and configurations) for a while. My current goal is to determine need or requirements overall. Prerequisites and requirements for this go well beyond application software requirements. I’ll document these requirements publicly and share them online. Source code for infrastructure, applications, and deployments will be kept private until the application(s) have been hosted publicly and are able to begin subscription signups.

A general accounting package has been developed and is already being used by my corporation CI Wise Inc. Other necessary software is currently being developed and will be part of the subscription offering as well. The software I develop is the startup idea. I am currently maintaining it privately in a repository at Everything, including Infrastructure as Code, will be hosted publicly on either BitBucket or GitHub. My intention is to share everything with you once this project is hosted and available to the public for consumption.

Anyone who is interested in 1) sharing your comments privately 2) recommending current unanswered questions (proposal for How-To subject) 3) working on this with me or 4) obtaining a lifetime subscription to this software, please contact me directly at

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