Protect your Cryptocurrency Wallets with bip39c

We have seen many different cryptocurrency wallets, paper, desktop, online, command-line, and more. Each type begins with a public and private key-pair. For your wallet to be truly portable, you need some form of secret or key material to reproduce this root or first key-pair. It is our opinion that a random mnemonic is the most secure and easiest way of managing the private information needed to recreate your cryptocurrency wallet. This mnemonic and key seed has been clearly analyzed and specified by the Bitcoin development team as a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) BIP-39.

CI Wise, in an effort to understand the technology has implemented this proposal BIP-39 as a command-line program using the C language. Version 1.2.0 was implementation complete June 17, 2018. The open source code for this implementation can be found here:

Because the mnemonic generated must be written down and kept safe. We recommend a fire-proof, water-proof Billfodl for safe storage of your mnemonic instead of paper.

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