Why CI Wise Inc.?

I watched a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action yesterday and I realized why I am in business. I want people to follow me and believe in all the problems I want to solve. Every business knows how to do what they do, build their product, offer their service. But effective marketing is really getting people to follow your business, believe in why you do it, and join your quest for themselves.

CI Wise Inc. believes in solving problems and doing that in an agile and unbiased way. We are currently working to use open source and education to solve the issue of fear surrounding the use of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to make it easier for all people to get involved in the mining, trading, and merchant use of cryptocurrencies. Currently, it’s very difficult to buy and trade cryptocurrencies without specialized knowledge that seems to be contained within the technical community.

Buying Bitcoin e.g. should be easy but it’s not. First, one needs to find a place to buy the coin online. Then you need to be wary of the fees or cost to purchase. Some places sell Bitcoin by finding other owners and then making you an offer to sell at a price that may not be market and loan origination fees added. The buyer’s goal should be to purchase the Bitcoin using his credit card, bank account, or wire transfer and to purchase at the current market rate with the smallest fee. Also, most sellers do not allow Bitcoin purchase anonymously. Lengthy verification processes are in place that slow the purchase. CI Wise may be providing a place to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at fair prices in the future. Or, CI Wise may be providing the public better education to point buyers toward the path of least resistance and fair business.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our postings. Follow CI Wise Inc. for yourself. As James Altucher has written, “Choose Yourself”.

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